Camp Marijuana (Preview)
What happens when two recent college grads move across the country with the hopes of making thousands of dollars in the marijuana industry?

People and Sounds on KGPC Interviews: Edyka Chilomé
Edyka Chilomé is a queer woman of color writer, artist, social justice educator, and spiritual activist. We discuss art, education, travel, politics, and Erykah Badu!

Miracle Cake
If you were mailed a baggie of unlabeled white powder, with a written guarantee that eating it would provide forty days of miracles, would you?

EMS Workers in Far West Texas
The closest hospital is often a three hour drive away. EMS workers are often paid close to minimum wage, and it isn't uncommon for them to not have health insurance. But they can have great outlooks on life! Just don't call them "ambulance drivers."

I've Been A Bad Boyfriend: Breakup Letters for Valentines Day 2015
Breakup letters, Facebook messages, and text messages -- they're a fairly universal experience. Here's an audio montage of all sorts of people sharing theirs.

KGPC Interviews: Jamie DeWolf
Jamie DeWolf is, among many things, the creator and host of Oakland's acclaimed Tourettes Without Regrets variety show, a youth teacher, and a producer for NPR's Snap Judgement. We discuss all three! For more info on Jamie:

Origami Folding: A Conversation with Robby Kraft
Robby Kraft is folding an origami piece every day for a year. We talk about math, paper, design, and inspiration.